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Using frontmatter fields. To arrays, you need to add two spaces before “-”. --- type: book copy: - library1 - library2 - personal ---. Dataview query. If you want to filter one of the array elements, you need to use the function contains (field, "value") (you can use copy = "library2" if you have only one value, not a list/array).
Feb 17, 2022 · It enables you to easily and automatically export all your digital highlights to Obsidian. 100% guaranteed: it’s developed and maintained by the Readwise team. 10. Dataview.Bring dynamism to your notes. Treat your ...
Jul 04, 2021 · Typewriter Scroll Obsidian Plugin is an example of that. The second set of plug-ins afford you the ability to add multiple workflow improvements to the editor. QuickAdd for Obsidian, or Dataview: A complex query language implementation for the Obsidian note-taking tool., are examples of the second kind.
For example, parent: [[Note]], or next:: [[Tomorrow]] (if you use Dataview inline fields). This method works and allows for very fine-grained control of what goes into your hierarchy. However, it can be very time consuming to set up, and difficult to maintain when things change. ... Obsidian Dataview: Turn Obsidian Vault into a database which ...
level 1. · 4 mo. ago. Dataview always shows file names in all queried results. If you want a sentence to be displayed for files/sentences tagged with